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Sheet Pile Retaining Wall-Retaining Wall Pros of Palm Beach

Usually, retaining walls aren’t only associated with how they can help with retaining earth and diverting water; they are also known for their aesthetical appeal and how you can enhance any property or place when building one with the perfect design so they can blend in the space. However, sheet pile retaining walls tend to be an exception to the rule in many cases or based on what you consider aesthetically pleasant. Our Retaining Wall Pros of Palm Beach team has been installing them for over 15 years, and we understand that more than appeal, their use is a matter of need.

Sheet pile walls are known for helping with the same needs and purposes:

  1. Retaining earth.
  2. Retaining, diverting, or draining water.
  3. Helping with any filling materials so they can stay in place.

The aesthetical part is what is questionable on many occasions as they are not often built-in places where landscaping matters the most or is considered an important part of the final result. Instead, they are more functional; hence, the places where you see them aren’t that accessible or common to the eye.

Waterfront structures, river banks, and retaining sides of cuts made in the earth in roads or public areas are often where you will see their use. Nevertheless, we are not trying to say they’re not worth your time because of this.

You may need a sheet pile retaining wall above other options since they are perfect when building wharves, quays, and piers, while protection and soil retention are outstanding. If you can forget about the usual appeal stones and concrete rubble walls offer, you won’t regret your decision.

For What Are Sheet Piles Retaining Walls Commonly Used?

Going deeper into how and where you can use them, they are mostly included in construction, excavation projects, and creating barriers to groundwater flow.

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Overall, the functional part of the wall is what matters the most, and the aspect or design of how it looks is always second or third. However, it can always be improved with the right contractors as long as they understand how to work with reinforcements and change the common and simple appearance to a more aesthetical one.

Since sheet piles are steel sheets with interlocking edges, they are more of a puzzle than actually pouring concrete or literally building the wall from scratch by knowing how to use the materials for the creation of the main product build it.

Besides steel, sheet pile walls can also be of timber and reinforced concrete, the latter offering a more aesthetically pleasing result to some homeowners or commercial owners trying to have the best of both worlds.

When Are Steel Sheet Piles Retaining Walls Preferred?

They are often the most affordable and cost-efficient option of all three, so most clients tend to choose them as a way to save some money and invest less for still quite a good result. It is a matter of knowing if the steel is what will perform well with the type of needs and preferences you have.

These walls are resistant to high driving stresses, and unlike concrete or other options, they won’t necessarily crack and will usually show signs of issues to give you time to perform repairs or replace the single sheet as needed.

Just like most steel walls and elements, the sheets are super light and make the entire wall quite good and easy to handle, even when the structure and design are quite large.

It tends to worry more people about how steel sheet piles can stand the test of water, either below or above it. The beauty of it is that it is all about the type of steel used and ensures it has a long life span.

Finally, using steel for the sheets opens the option for additions and modifications in the short and long run. You can increase the length either by bolting or welding. Usually, you would have to go over a whole process to determine how you are going to increase the pile length when using concrete or solid materials that tend to be a one-time placement.

What About Reinforced Concrete Sheet Piles?

These are the second favorite option among them, but it is quite close to steel among people in Palm Beach since they don’t usually have to worry about costs due to the materials used.

Keep in mind that just like steel sheets, these are precast concrete sheets that usually come with tongue and groove joints so they can be piled and placed together to build the wall. Unlike steel, they are quite heavy and way too bulky for some projects where a light wall is a better option.

However, the beauty about them is that they can hold large amounts of soil mass without any issues, making them more stable for large-scale projects or when large masses are included, which can be water as well.

They can perform well in all weather conditions and provide the same resistance as steel sheet pile walls. Most people walk away from them because they are more expensive than the previous option, but this also depends on the provider and contractor.

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Our team at Retaining Wall Pros of Palm Beach helps you decide on which option is the best for your projects and needs while considering g your budget and making sure you’re able to access what you want and need without worrying about how much will be left in your bank account.

We use top-quality materials, and all our contractors have over ten years of experience with sheet pile retaining walls, so the process will be smooth, and the result will be more than what you expected even.

Allow us to provide you with an estimate after a short, free visit and work closely with your project so we can have a wall built based on your needs for safety and protection, aesthetical appeal, or maybe just both at once.